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NOC (screenshots) is a free molecular explorer for protein structure visualization, validation and analysis ...

NOC source code is open for any researching usage including nonprofit commercial redistribution.

What is NOC

1.          A easy-to-use protein explorer for structure visulization, analysis...
2.          A powerful tool for crystallographic mapping, modeling and refinement
3.          A efficient viewer for GROMACS/AMBER MD trajectories
4.          A easy source development toolkit (NOC is coded in C++, the code structure is simple and extendable)

Downloading ( Update @ 05/16/2007 )

NOC data and parameters (version 3.0)

nocdat.tar.gz or, download it and unpack it to your home directory or where the binary NOC installed. Note: rename it to ".nocdat" to hide it in Linux/Unix.

Precompiled binaries (version 3.01)

1. for MS Windows 98/2000/XP/ VISTA, this package already includes NOC parameters pacakges
2.      noc.fc4.gz for recent Redhat Linux(Intel x86), noc.ub6.gz for recent Debian Linux (Intel x86)
3. for PowerPC, for Intel x86 MacOSX 10.4.4 or later
4.      noc.sol10.gz for Solaris 10 (Intel x86)
5.      noc.bsd62.gz for FreeBSD6.2 (Intel x86)
More..., sharing your NOC binary build

Source code (Don't use NOC source code for any profit commercial purpose!)
Compiling guide:

1. Download noc_src.tar.gz to your home directory and unpack it, download wxWindows wxGTK-2.6.3.patched.multisampling.tgz for Linux/Unix, wxMac-2.6.3.multisampling.tgz for MacOSX or get it from Unpack wxWidgets and type sh to configure it, make to compile it, after make copy wx-config to NOC source code folder. Note: If you don't have GTK2, please configure with "--with-gtk=1". Only wxWidgets2.6.3 is fully tested with current NOC source code, but the higher version should work also. The packages provided here support OpenGL Multisample Antialiasing, which is available for most of recent graphic adapter.
2. In NOC source code directory, type command sh to compile libraries that NOC depend. sh to compile NOC, Notes: You can find the original libraries in Related Links if you want to build newer version libraries for NOC. For some Unix(such as FreeBSD, Solaris), you might first have to install bash manually before building FFMpeg library. The final output is a file named "noc", copy it to your executable path. A app bundle "" will be created for MacOSX building.

Tutorials and Documents

NOC is easy to use. If you get any question please post it to NOC user list or NOC forum, we may help you there as soon as possible.

1.          For Protein structure visualization, analysis
2.          For general crystallographic protein structure determination purpose
3.          For GROMACS, AMBER MD trajectories displaying
4.          A development guide

Advice or Report a Bug (We appreciate your help)

View history of bugs

Screenshots (FreeBSD, Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, MS Vista) more....





M.E. Chen, H.X. Cang, H. Nymeyer

Development History and Status
The old NOC (#version<3.0) was being developed in Dr Cang's Lab, Inst. of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Currently NOC is developing in Dr. Nymeyer's Group, Inst. Mol. Biol., Florida State University.


We are grateful for the support of many people, including Alex. Chew, Deyu Zhu, Heli Liu, Jing Dong, Jing Yuan, Wei Gao, Wenchi Zhang, Ye Xiang, Yi Han, Yongchao Li, Yufeng Li.

Related Links

wxWindows, a wonderful cross-platform development toolkit, all NOC GUI are based on it
FFTW, the best FFT library, NOC uses it for structure factor calculation and electronic density map synthesis...
FFMPEG, a free and power video/audio encoding/decoding library, NOC uses it for movie making
NetCDF, a scientific data format library, NOC uses it for AMBER(9.0) new trajectories parsing
UMFPACK, a set of routines for solving unsymmetric sparse linear systems, NOC uses it for atomic charge calculation (not released yet)
Stride, a secondary structure assignment library, NOC uses it for secondary structure assignment
OpenGL, NOC graphic code is OpenGL API
GL2PS, NOC uses it for PostScript printing